The best Game of Thrones mods

The best Game of Thrones mods



With hundreds of characters, swordplay and sorcery, personal drama, and political intrigue, George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire is fantastic source material for strategy games and RPGs. The next season of HBO’s Game of Thrones is nearly upon us (and presumably, at some point, we might actually see the next book in the series as well), so it feels like the perfect time for a roundup of mods that bring Martin’s world to PC games.

Crusader Kings 2—A Game of Thrones

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It’s hard to find a better match between game and mod than Crusader Kings 2 and the full-conversion A Game of Thrones mod. It transforms CK2’s medieval Europe into the continent of Westeros. With random events and your own decisions quickly entangling the characters you know and love (or hate), your game will quickly veer from the story you remember into a kind of bizarro-world fan-fiction.

We’ve written a few times about our experiences using the mod, with Rich McCormick playing as Ned Stark in Surviving Westeros, and my diary about playing as Littlefinger’s next-door neighbor, Game of Checkers.

Mount and Blade: Warband—A Clash of Kings

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Rather than playing as one of the main characters, you can get a view of the drama in Westeros from ground level with the A Clash of Kings mod for Mount and Blade: Warband. The mod adds thousands of custom items, naval battles, and a huge map of Westeros, plus plenty of notable figures from the fiction.

I made an attempt to align myself with both the Lannisters and Baratheons and had a nasty encounter with Gregor Clegane in my write-up of the mod here.

Civilization 5—A Mod of Ice and Fire

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This is one of our favorite mods for Civ 5—it adds a sprawling map of Westeros and lets you play as a number of civs and leaders, like Robb Stark in The North, Stannis Baratheon in The Stormlands, Daenerys, of course, and even Mance Rayder of the Free Folk. Each civ has a unique trait plus special units and buildings.

Total War: Attila—Seven Kingdoms

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This total conversion for Total War: Attila delivers over two dozen playable armies you can use to recreate the fiction’s massive historical battles, plus it adds scores of recognizable characters from the HBO show.